Cyril Whelan - Chairman

Cyril Whelan

Cyril is the Chairman of Baker Regulatory Services.

In June 2020 Advocate Cyril Whelan completed his maximum ten-year tenure as a Commissioner of the Jersey Financial Services Commission and stood down from the role. In that capacity he has become greatly familiar with the requirements and practices of the Commission and indeed has contributed to the formulation of a number of the Commission’s enforcement policies and processes.

Conflict free, Cyril is now able to chair the board of Baker Regulatory Services, bringing to it a range of unparalleled relevant experience. He has acted as Jersey’s Attorney General from time to time and has also acted on behalf of successive Attorneys General in the implementation of major regulatory and mutual assistance legislation in Jersey. He has been involved in high profile investigative and litigation work relating to asset recovery on behalf of governments worldwide.


Cyril is one of Jersey’s four Moneyval assessors, trained to assess the AML/ CFT defences of countries across a wide international front. Moneyval is the committee of experts on the evaluation of anti-money laundering measures and the financing of terrorism, an independent monitoring mechanism within the Council of Europe answerable directly to the Committee of Ministers.


Aspects of Sentencing in the Superior Courts of Jersey, now into a 4th edition.

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