Announcing the new Countering Proliferation Financing training

To help you keep abreast of recent developments Baker Regulatory Services has introduced the following bespoke training session to its 2023 training programme:

Proliferation Financing

The newly revised JFSC AML/CTF/CPF Handbook introduces the need to provide your Board of Directors and employees with training and awareness to Counter Proliferation Financing (CPF). Based on our numerous years of industry practice, we combine relevant and topical case studies to bring the Proliferation Financing subject to life. We also offer solutions for CPF risk assessments and your sanctions screening.

In their recently published Thematic examination programme the JFSC listed Countering Proliferation Financing as one of the key themes for 2023. Why not roll this training out to all your employees ahead of your next engagement with the JFSC.

 If you would like further details, please call 07797743631 or email I am also more than happy to meet with you in person at a mutually convenient time.


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