Masterclass Series: How Effective are Law Enforcement & Regulators in Combatting Financial Crime?

Our ‘How effective are law enforcement and regulators in combatting financial crime?’ webinar will take place on Thursday 20th May and is a part of our Masterclass series that covers the multi-jurisdictional A-Z of preventing, detecting and responding to financial crime.


Chair of this webinar Barry Faudemer will be joined by Andrew Le Brun, Deputy Secretariat of MONEYVAL and Matei Dohotaru, Senior Financial Sector Specialist with the World Bank.


This webinar will:

    • Examine whether Governments, Law Enforcement and Regulators are effective in combatting financial crime.
    • Consider why we’re seeing increases in financial crime despite decades of investment, and what can be done to stem the rise.
    • Consider if it’s time for a major think on how we prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute financial crime.
    • Examine whether more seized and confiscated assets should be used to fund new initiatives and efforts to confiscate the proceeds of crime.

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