Baker Regulatory Services – Training Programme 2022

  1. The Key Considerations When Facing Adverse Regulatory Findings. How to manage your regulatory relationship in such scenarios.
  2. Sanctions – Including the most recent sanction developments including case studies on sanction breaches that have resulted in enforcement action.
  3. Board Effectiveness – The role and responsibilities of the Board in relation to AML drawing on the learning derived from cases in the public domain.
  4. Reporting Obligations – Under the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorism Laws.
  5. JFSC Civil Penalties – Reducing your exposure and risks. Understanding the settlement agreement process
  6. Preparing for a JFSC Onsite Examination, including undertaking mock interviews of staff scheduled to be interviewed by the regulator.
  7. Conflicts of Interest – the regulatory requirements and best practice together with examining cases where conflicts of interest where not managed
  8. Director Training – Improving effectiveness:
  • Session 1 – Role and responsibilities of a Board Director
  • Session 2 – Your responsibilities under the JFSC Codes of Practice for FSBs
  • Session 3 – Continuation of understanding the responsibilities of directors under the Codes of Practice
  • Session 4 – The responsibilities of directors in relation to the AML Handbook and Money Laundering (Jersey) Order 2008
  • Session 5 – The Learning points derived from themed examination findings of the JFSC
  • Session 6 – The Proceeds of Crime: Money laundering offences and defences 
  1. Understanding the 3 Tier Test, source of wealth and source of fund requirements.
  2. Conducting Effective Customer Risk Assessments incorporating the feedback from the JFSC themed examination of CRAs.
  3. The A – Z of Compiling Business Risk Assessments – The methodology for compiling an effective business risk assessment, including the role of the Board in the BRA process.
  4. The Learning Points from Domestic, National and International AML Cases.
  5. The funding of terrorism and how different terrorists/groups raise funds to further their cause.

To discuss any of the above options, please contact Sharon Sargeant

In addition to these training sessions, we have also successfully tested our new AML culture and effectiveness assessment tool which we are also offering to our clients

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